Davis Guitar Works

Fender Telecaster

In the relatively short history of the electric guitar, some designs that stand out as timeless examples of good design – the Fender® Telecaster and Stratocaster, the Gibson® Les Paul and Les Paul Jr,, and many others. The example shown here is a take on arguably the longest-lived solid-body guitar design, the Fender Telecaster. I was contacted in 2009 by a long-standing customer (and friend) about assisting him in building a Tele that he was going to donate for a fundraiser, which I of course wanted to do. Originally started by my customer, I took the project over after the spalted maple top had been laminated to a Tele-style body that my customer had purchased. The unbound body was then augmented with black / crème binding, mated with a Warmoth Tele neck (ebony board on a padouk neck), Seymour Duncan humbuckers, gold hardware, and custom gold backpainted electronics and spring cavity covers.